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We're releasing anything that doesn't bring us bliss in 2021


Can changing your surroundings change your life? Not to be melodramatic, but we’d argue yes. At the very least, your decor should be beautiful and inspire you as you embark on whatever life-changing goals and plans you have this year. So as we close the book on an eventful 2020 (ahem), we’re releasing anything that doesn’t bring us bliss and welcoming in a fresh new beginning. Starting with our homes.


Our Spring 2021 collection is here to help you do just that. It’s full of provocative statement pieces that change the whole mood, as well as those smaller finishing touches that can often be the key to transforming a space you like into a space you love. So much lush, luxurious design we are beyond ready to sink into.



Release is really the key word here; we’re all about letting go of old expectations as we look toward bright, bold new designs. Whether it’s burning sage to clear energy or incorporating feng shui home decorating principles, we are very much here for the fresh vibes a new year promises. There’s something comforting and ritualistic about cleansing and refreshing your space to mark the beginning of a new chapter. You can go full feng shui home and draw up a bagua map to help determine the flow and layout of your space, or simply let your intuition be your guide when it comes to warm, welcoming decor that lifts the mood.



The possibilities are endless, and that’s what’s so exciting. 


Of course, when it comes to the specifics of this particular moment in time, we recognize that part of welcoming in the new year is adapting to the new normal. Whatever that looks like. We just firmly believe that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style—and indeed, that style can be a foundational piece of that energizing new optimism. The possibilities are endless, and that’s what’s so exciting.


Make WFH work for you

Because the home office will probably continue to be a reality for many of us. Might as well make it chic.

Custom feel, sans the custom price

Woven of upgraded fabrics with a luxe, heavier weight, our new panels are the finishing touch your space needs to go from good to great.

Level up hardware

The easiest way to make it look like you spent more time and money on a renovation than you actually did.


Oh, this new thing?

Chrome accents, boucle, structured silhouettes, Bauhaus and French Industrial influences … all the makings of stand-out pieces that transform a room.